Pro Line Pool & Spa Services offers a variety of pool and spa services that you can use to reduce maintenance and operating costs for your facilities.

Our services are designed to simplify your maintenance cycles, provide knowledgeable staff to ensure safety, and administrative services that keep your pool up to code.

Spring Openings/Fall Closings

Whether you’re looking to open your pool for the season or close it at the end, our expert technicians are here to make sure that process goes as smoothly as possible. You can rely on our certified professionals to keep your pool openings and closures on schedule.

Pool & Spa Maintenance/Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of owning a pool. We are here to provide thorough maintenance, save you money on repair costs, and to reduce pool closure times. We also offer preventative maintenance and chemical supply services.

We offer a variety of maintenance periods ranging from daily to weekly maintenance.

Waterproofing/Painting Pools & Spas

We use state of the art waterproofing and painting techniques for your pool or spa. Our waterproofing and paint are designed to be long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Tile/Concrete Services

We have a lot of experience installing tiles and pouring concrete. Our installation experts can help you decide if you want your damaged tiles repaired or replaced, what the best course of action is, and carry out the repairs at a competitive price.

Pressure Testing/Leak Detection and Line Repairs

You can’t make an informed decision about your pool maintenance without proper leak detection and pressure testing. All of our professionals are fully qualified to handle technical inspections and repairs such as leak detection and pressure testing.

Heater, Pump and Filter Repairs and Replacement

Pool maintenance extends beyond the pool itself. You also need to care for your heater, pumps, and filters. Our replacement parts and full units are guaranteed to be of high quality. If your pool pump, heater, or filter has broken down, we can replace it with a unit that is guaranteed to last.

Administrative Services (Service Reports & Meetings)

Save yourself the time of dealing with frequent meetings and paperwork. Choose between our daily, weekly, or monthly written service reports. You can even rely on your Pro Line specialist to attend mandatory meetings with property management.

Benefits of Our Services

  • Save money on regular maintenance through early detection and repairs
  • Stay on schedule by getting your facilities ready for the season
  • Keep your pool equipment maintained
  • Effective chemical management keeps your water clean and safe
  • Keep your pool or spa looking good

Cities We Serve

We’ve been offering pool and spa services for over 50 years throughout the GTA. Here are just a few of the cities our services are available in

  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Oakville
  • Brampton
  • Hamilton
  • Markham
  • Vaughan

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Pools and spas are an easy way to boost the desirability of your facility, but they do require frequent maintenance and scheduled repairs.

Pro Line Pool & Spa Services helps you identify potential problems, develop maintenance schedules, and keeps your pools and spas running at maximum efficiency.

Protect your investment with regular maintenance and repairs

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